There are so many trends out there when you are looking for bedroom furniture that sometimes it gets a little confusing and overwhelming. For example, the water bed is something that was thought of as a luxury and optimal for self-care, and turns out it is terrible for backs and upkeep. A lot of people like having floating beds where they are suspended from the ceiling like a swing, but find that once they have kids that floating bed turns into a safety hazard. However, there are some trends that seem to be long-term and are nice no matter if they are five, ten, or twenty years old. For example, dressers that come with little seats are considered extremely cute, especially if you have the room to have it. Having mirrors in your room not only make it look bigger, but are also aesthetically pleasing and classical, especially if you get them with a nice frame. But when it comes to beds, it is great to have something that is not only classic, but also comforting to look at, such as an upholstered queen bed.

Some people might be turned off from an upholstered head board. What if you are eating in bed and you get food stains on it? What if you have pets and animals’ hair gets stuck all over it? Plus, wouldn’t it be super annoying if the fabric started to pill, and you need to find a way to get rid of those little fabric balls that occur? The thing is, if you look for a good quality upholstered headboard from a brand with a good reputation, then you won’t need to worry about these issues because the fabric will be a good quality and not pill or trap hair as much. Furthermore, there are so many cleaning supplies that allow you the keep up the headboard every so often when necessary. Furthermore, an upholstered headboard is great with almost any style, from farmhouse chic, to modern, to hygge.

Getting something like an upholstered queen bed is going to elevate your bedroom appearance. Is this a little big of a splurge? Sure, but it is a splurge worth making when you want your bedroom to look grown up and you want to be taken seriously.

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