These days, it is easy to get bogged down with all the stuff we have – We have boxes and boxes of holiday decorations, gardening equipment, skiing gear, and even different sizes of tins for baking. It is so easy to accumulate so much stuff without even realizing it. Whether you are a single person living alone, or a part of a large family, you one day look around you and realize you can barely move about without stubbing your toe or knocking something over. At some point, something has got to give, and you pencil in some time in your day to sort out all the stuff you don’t need and can donate or throw out. This can make people feel a whole lot better almost instantly. However, you still are left with the stuff you do want to keep, but can’t figure out where to put it. Luckier people get to put them away in extra rooms or their garage, or even their shed. However, when you are working with a small space like a studio apartment, or even just your bedroom, you need to push yourself to get creative about your storage space. There are options like utilizing your closet space, cabinets in your bathroom, and even getting special shelves to utilize the wall space. But one thing that is fairly simple, yet ingenious is looking into storage beds.

A storage bed has the best of both worlds – You get your bed and space to spread out and dedicate to your sleep and relaxation time, but also a dresser that will allow you to put anything you want from your clothes to your shoes to your outdoor accessories. When you utilize the space underneath the bed in a way that is organized and easy to get to, you won’t use it as a black hole of things you don’t typically reach for, which is consistently what happens for people that use the space under their bed as storage. Even if you get storage boxes that are flat and have wheels, it will still be a pain for you to have to bend down and grapple with a heavy box full of stuff.

It’s about time to stay away from those dust bunnies and look into storage beds that will allow you to save your living space and give you a clear head. The less messy and more organized your living space, the happier you will be.

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