When you first live with someone, it is the best feeling in the whole wide world. You have found someone that you are serious enough to want to live with! This is especially important and momentous for couples because it means that their relationship is not a flighty and flirty one. Instead, it is a relationship that is grown up and mature. To live with someone means being confident that you won’t rip each other’s hair out and go crazy over petty little things. Sure, you might have arguments once in a while, but it is nothing compared to your commitment to live together day in and day out. Whether you are getting an apartment for a month to month or yearly basis, living with someone is a big deal! There are certain things that you need to get in order when you start living with someone. For example, you will need to figure out a way to store all your toiletries. For two people that are now sharing a bathroom space, it can be a big deal trying to figure out storage for all those tubes, bottles, and containers. Next, getting bedsheets is necessary especially if you are both coming from living arrangements that meant having smaller beds or different sized beds. Plus, getting a new bedsheet package together is like combining both your tastes and solidifying your new living arrangement. Finally, getting something like a queen bed frame is great because it is big enough to support both of you, but still be small enough to fit in a small sized bedroom.

There are lots of ways to maximize a small living space. For example, utilizing the walls as much as possible is great because then it keeps things off the floor, which is the most precious real estate in your room. Hanging things up like dresses, jackets, and shirts is also a great way to make the most of your space. Getting furniture is not impossible, just as long as you make sure it fits inside the room and is not oversized.

A queen bed frame is great for that couple that is just starting out and needs to still have a good nights sleep.

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