Considering the fact that the average person sleeps eight hours every night, your bed is the most functional piece of furniture in your home. With so many bed frame options in the market, it can be difficult to know if platform beds with storage space are the right choice for you or not. Also referred to as a European bed, a platform bed comprises a rectangular horizontal frame raised on closely set wooden slats. Unlike normal beds, platform beds with storage don’t require a box spring mattress to support the top mattress. With a height of 12 inches off the ground, a spacious storage cubicle in between, and a soft mattress to support your goodnight’s sleep, platform beds with storage are the must-have choice for every modern bedroom.

If your current bed is too soft, a platform bed with storage is the ultimate solution. The firm support of a platform or slats makes it much firmer than the traditional combination of a top mattress and a box spring. Not only this, but this makes buying the perfect fit mattress for platform beds with storage easier and affordable. Being lighter in weight and featuring a simpler design, platform beds with storage are easy to move around the room and even from one floor to another. This means that you can also easily disassemble or assemble a platform bed using simple carpentry tools whenever you need to. Having a design that provides equivalent support to your back, hip, and spinal cord; platform beds with storage, can also help reduce your back pain and therapeutic pain.

Another great benefit of investing in platform beds with storage is the ample amount of compartment space under the bed. Whether it’s your winter clothing or your blankets, you can easily store anything within the storage space of your platform bed. Moreover, there are different types of platform beds with storage, such as some have storage drawers with wheels while others have a simple in-built storage area. Typically built out of wood, platform beds with storage are available in various finishes, making them an ideal fit for your bedroom theme. So, if you have a limited design budget and are looking for a bed that does more than just provide you with a sleeping space, the platform beds with storage from Peaceful Beds have got you covered. However, before finalizing a purchase, you should always physically test and examine a platform bed to make sure that it meets your quality and aesthetic expectations.

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