Let’s be honest – It is hard to be a minimalist, especially as an American. It is in our culture to purchase or acquire goods for any and all situations, events, and especially holidays. If you live someplace where the weather is constantly changing or the seasons are drastically different, you might need not just entire wardrobes, but also equipment and tools that help with everything from dealing with icy walk ways to patio umbrellas to shield you from those harsh sunny days. The same goes for clothes – No one wears a down jacket all year around, and the same goes for a thin cotton tank top. Furthermore, clothes aren’t always just for function – they are the best way for us to express ourselves. However, it is harder and harder to keep up with the amount of clothes you have even if you are still going through sorting them, and donating every season. These days, people don’t just keep their clothes in their rooms – People also keep their shoes, accessories, and toiletries. Some people, especially these days, have their work stations set up in their bedrooms. These days, people don’t just use their rooms to sleep and get changed for the day. That is why it is so important to utilize the space in your room and set it up to be as efficient as possible. One of the best ways to save space is by getting a platform storage bed.

Lots of people shove things under their beds – From shoes, to out of season clothes, to whatever falls on the floor, you can bet that almost anyone you know has something under their bed. It is both a great place to use as storage, but easily becomes something that becomes a black hole for things when you want to quickly clean up your room.

Having a platform storage bed gives you a more stable and intentional way of putting away your clothes, shoes, or winter accessories. Anything you need to use a dresser, table, or shelves for can be easy stored in this type of bed, but will be more space conscious. You basically get two pieces of furniture in one. Take back your room and your sanity with a storage bed.

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