When you have your own place, whether you are renting, owning, or living on top of your parent’s garage, it can be one of the best and most freeing experiences. You have your own space that you can do whatever you want within reason. When you want to feel like a full fledged adult, having your own space is a great way to do it because you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself, and you have one of the most coveted and crucial things – privacy. Privacy is something you definitely don’t have when you have roommates, family, or even a partner around. But having your own space is like having a ticket to freedom. For people that have their own place, there are some things you need to have in order to properly outfit it. For starters, you should invest in a dining table and chairs. You need this not only to cook, but you might need it to work from home on your laptop, or sit down to look over your bills. Just having a couch to do everything is messy and not functional. Having a full set of plates, cups, and bowls is also essential.Even if you don’t really cook, having at least a basic set of pots and pans is great for when you do want to cook something yourself, or at least heat leftovers up. And finally, looking at platform bed sets is a great way to knock out two birds with one stone.

A lot of people start with the bed, which is fine. A lot of people sell just the mattress or mattress and bed frame either second hand or at a very low price. However, it is very inconvenient to have your phone or your clock on the floor next to your bed, or on a box or random table. You want to feel grown up and taken seriously, and this is the first sign of someone that is still trying to get their life together if they only have a bed in their bedroom. By getting a set, you are getting the bed and the nightstands.

Platform bed sets are a great way to get multiple pieces of furniture at once, and usually at a great deal.

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