Moving into your own place is a big deal. When you are flying away from the nest that is your parent’s house, you are not just finding a new place to live, you are also getting more independence, coming into your own, and finally growing up into an adult. No matter if your parents are super strict or relaxed and loving, being able to strike out on your own is an opportunity that most young adults run toward and gravitate towards as they get older. However, they soon will realize there is so much more to living on their own than just knowing where to submit their rent check. Whether you are moving into an apartment with a bunch of other roommates, or you are living in your own studio apartment, or even if you are able to find a unit above someone’s garage, you will have to figure out your furniture situation. Some people are fine with just using a futon. The futon is great because you have a couch and a bed at the same time. Plus, everyone loves a futon – They are comfortable and low maintenance. However, there is something really relaxed and causal about a futon. For those that want a bed, you can still have a bed even if you are working with a small space. Some people get intimidated that they will have to get so many different things when purchasing a bed. For example, you traditionally think with a bed that you need the mattress, the bed frame, and the box spring. These days, however, the box spring is not as popular. If anything, people prefer platform beds because it is not only less stuff to deal with, but also seems more even and comfortable. For those that need a regular bed for their new place, getting a full platform bed is the best option.

Sure, you can get a twin sized bed that is just enough room for you to sleep, but sometimes you want a little bit more space to roll around and feel comfortable. You don’t always want to feel like you are going to fall off your bed. Getting a full-sized bed is great because you can feel comfortable and feel like you are in a grown-up bed.

A full platform bed is great for growing up, but practically.

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