When it comes to helping your children to create a room that they love, there are so many factors to consider! Obviously you want to consider storage first and foremost; there has to be a place to store all of those fun toys that gets them off the floor. Toy chests, toy organizers, dressers and bookshelves are all essential to create a cute room that can also be neat and clean. Beyond storage, though, it’s also important to consider wall décor, from the wall colors to the fun posters, pictures and decals that are going to give the room personality. While you are helping your child to decide on the perfect décor for their room, though, it’s also important to consider what kind of bed is going to be the best fit for their needs. Space is going to be the first consideration, of course. Many middle school kids like the idea of a lofted or bunk bed that is going to give them more room for toy storage or even a desk underneath. But if your child likes the idea of using their bed to sleep, read and spend time relaxing, then it’s a great idea to shop for kids’ full-size beds.

When we think of beds for kids, we almost always think first of twin-size beds. After all, kids are small and don’t need a lot of space to spread out. But there are a few great reasons to consider a bigger bed for your unique child, depending on their needs. First, a full-size bed is going to be a great fit for kids that do a lot of rolling around and moving in their sleep. If your child enjoys having sleepovers, a full-size bed is also perfect for sharing with a friend. If you are excited to encourage your child to read, a full-size bed has plenty of space to include extra pillows to help them create the perfect nest for enjoying new books.

If you have the space in your child’s room, kids’ full-size beds are a great choice for many parents. Not only is it useful for them now, but it also gives them plenty of space to grow! A twin is often too small for teenagers and young adults but a twin provides them with all the space they need. As they’re going away to college or moving into their own apartment. Have fun designing the ideal room with your child, from the wall décor to the perfect bed!

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