When you are in college, you just know you are embarking on one of the most pivatol times in your life – You immerse yourself in your field, build friendships that will last you for the rest of your life, and gain a sense of independence that you would never have living at home with your parents. College is one of the best and most challenging times in any young person’s life. Besides from school, your living situation is also where a lot of young people build their self-confidence and learn to be, to put it bluntly, an adult. Learning to cook, clean, and take care of your things yourself is something that a lot of young people don’t figure out until they are out of their parent’s house and on their own. When looking at a college kid’s dorm room or bedroom, it is safe to say that there is only enough room for one twin bed. But instead of getting a twin bed that will have lots and lots of clutter underneath, it would probably be best if that twin bed was a twin platform bed.

Most college doors have twin platform beds anyways – The beds are raised and they have drawers underneath allowing you to store everything from your clothes, to your textbooks, to your eating utensils, and they are usually fairly deep. This is a great big win for those that have lots of clothes, or need to save room and cannot add another dresser or shelves to their room. Furthermore, most of these rooms have roommates, and need to allow for both people to live comfortably. No one wants to live with someone that has lots of furniture that it makes it hard for the other person to study, sleep, or get dressed in comfortably and in peace.

By making sure you have a platform twin bed, you are making a conscious effort to save space, live efficiently, and be mindful of that roommate. It is a young person’s first step to finding the habits and mental tools to work with the space they have and maximize on it. Even though they are shrinking down their living footprint, they are expanding their potential and capacity for growth.

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