When you first get married to the love of your life, you spend each day so happy and full of butterflies that you can never think of a day without them. When you want to get a great night sleep, you can’t image not being wrapped in the arms of your lover. However, time, work, and kids do things that can make those warm fuzzy feelings feel like a distant memory. Suddenly, you find yourself just wanting to be comfortable and relaxed. This is especially hard when your partner’s cute snores and turn into a nightly fog horn, and their arms get too hot and suffocating in the middle of night. You find yourself wanting to go to bed every night with your partner, but valuing your space. That is where a king size bed comes in to not only make you comfortable, but save your marriage as well.

A king bed can be a expensive investment, but couples therapy for years is ever more pricey. You will find that a king bed will not only allow you both to stretch out your limbs comfortably, but still allow you to be intimate and cuddle up when you are in the mood. Furthermore, when you outfit it with the right set of sheets, you can make your common room furniture be a nightly spa where you get to relax, turn your brain off, and settle into the soft and comfortable cloud of sleep. With kids, you can happily let them crash your bed as you and your partner are able to still live on either side comfortably while your kids jump up and down and do somersaults.

When you get a king size bed, you are getting the space that will allow you to decompress after a long day or working, chasing after kids, and cooking up dinner. You are getting part of your humanity and life back, but still get the best part of your partner sleeping next to you. It will be hard for you to stay mad at your partner after a fight when you both are cozy and comfortable going to sleep. The bed is truly one of the most important pieces of furniture you will invest in for your home and in your relationship.

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