People all around the world have more or less experienced sleeping on both wooden or a queen metal bed frame throughout our lives. However, most of us still cannot truly identify if we are getting the right comfort or sleep quality. In the last decade, there has been a revolution over the internet with people sharing their concerns that the metal bed frames are supposedly dangerous when compared to hardwood bed frames. So, the question here is if sleeping on a metal bed frame is safe or not? There are a number of studies and researches that debate whether metal bed frames are safe and if people should opt for wooden bed frames. Most of us believe that, like any other piece of furniture, metal bed frames are absolutely safe if built properly. We have a selection of bespoke wrought iron beds in stock for both individual buyers and interior designers. To learn more or to place an order for the bed of your dreams, contact us immediately.

There have been studies that suggested that exposure to electromagnetic fields can have a number of unpleasant symptoms, including nightmares, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc. Many other studies, on the other hand, believe that metal bed frames are dangerous because they expose the user to higher levels of electromagnetic fields. In terms of safety and risk, a queen metal bed frame is similar to any other type of bed frame. A poorly designed metal bed frame has a high likelihood of breaking or collapsing while posing serious harm to the people using it. This is true of any bed frame; metal frames are not the only ones that suffer from it. The hazards of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields are completely unproven assertions.

The only other safety worries that some people have is the weight of metal beds. This is especially important for parents willing to buy or install bunk beds for their children in the rooms. Metal bed frames may appear to be heavier than wood bed frames, but they are significantly lighter than they were in the past. Unlike other hardwood bed frames, you do not have to disassemble them to move them around. A queen metal bed frame is suitable for both children and adults. Do not be deceived by the rumors that you hear that sleeping on a metal frame will not disrupt your sleep or harm your health. If you have been doubtful about whether to buy a metal frame bed or not because you have a few health concerns to thing about, we hope you can now do so. It should come as no surprise that many of the publications suggesting metal bed frames are detrimental come from businesses that solely sell hardwood or bamboo bed frames.

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