When it comes to decorating and outfitting your bedroom, the stakes are higher and you are more invested in how you style your room. The bedroom is the most important room in the house because it is your refuge and your escape from the outside world. If you have kids, your bedroom is going to be even more important as it is the room that makes you feel like yourself and is a dedicated space for you. There are lots of ways to decorate your room – You can get beautiful pictures and frames to adorn the walls, get furniture that makes you happy, but is efficient to help organize your things, and you can get a wardrobe or armoire that will help expand your closet space. But one of the most important features to invest in your room is a bedframe. The bed is obviously where you spend the most time. You spend hours sleeping in your bed, and it is where you go when you need to relax and have comfort. What better way to add style and functionality than a queen metal bed frame.

First thing is first – a metal bed frame is going to go with a lot of different styles. Whether you are going for a farm style shabby chic or an industrial look for your bedroom, the right metal bed frame is going to match whatever other furniture pieces, colors, or pictures you use to decorate the rest of your bedroom. You can drape fabric over the headboard to give it a softer look, or wrap white string lights to give it a romantic and whimsical feeling. A metal bed frame is like a blank canvas that will allow you to switch between styles depending on how you’re feeling, and it is going to be a lot more cost effective than buying a completely new bed frame.

A queen metal bed frame is not only going to be a blank canvas, but it’s the right size that will allow you to be comfortable, but not overwhelm your space. Even if you have a great big bedroom, a big bed will still take up a lot of space that you could have used for a nice statement chair, a day bed, or an extra vanity. Furthermore, a queen size bed is still big enough for two people to sleep comfortably.

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